Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Coaching?

The ability to guide you to your goals. Believing in you, providing structure and the proper resources you need to meet you where you’re at in your training journey.

What Is UESCA Certified Running Coach?

UESCA is a premier certifying organization that takes a science-based approach to teaching coaches. From the UESCA website, “The goal of this certification is to inform and educate aspiring coaches on the science behind running and the application of this information in a way that is easy to understand.” The certification process covers all aspects of coaching from training plan creation and execution, race preparation and execution, mental training, training modalities, sports nutrition, best practices for athlete goal setting, and injury prevention drills and skills to elevate your running performance. UESCA is affiliated with the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and the Athletics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA), among other research organizations. UESCA certifications are based on up-to-date knowledge of training practices. UESCA coaches must re-certify every two years to ensure a coach’s ability stays present.

Do You Coach Beginnner Runners?

Yes. Suppose you are an aspiring runner interested in running your first mile, or you’re a runner looking for motivation, accountability, and structure to help you stay running happy® for life. In that case, I’m the coach always in your corner.

Do I Get Unlimited Communication With You As My Coach?

Yes. You get unlimited text/email communication with me as a Runwithalli® Coached athlete.

Why Should I Hire You As A Running Coach?

I provide you with guidance, structure, accountability, and personalized attention that you need to help you achieve your fitness and running goals. Regardless of your age or where you’re at in life, I will meet you where you’re at in your training journey to work with you towards achieving your larger running goal!

What Makes Runwithalli® Coaching Different From Other Run Coaches?

You are a person first, then a runner. Runwithalli® Coaching focuses on meeting you where you’re at in your training journey. At the same time, I work with you to be flexible and adjust the training as needed, embedding structured, customized programming tailored to your needs. I focus on helping you to feel confident, stay injury-free, and stay running happy®with a healthier mindset that you can apply to your life as a whole. Every individual is different, and no one has the exact needs or the same training program. Everything I do is customized; there is no one size fits all. Aside from my running and life goals, Coaching is what I am entirely devoted to, providing you with the support, motivation, flexibility, guidance, and mentoring you deserve. I have a very hands-on approach with my one-on-one athletes. I offer unlimited communication, weekly goal setting, adaptable, personalized training, which sets me apart from any other coach in the industry. I conduct a 30-minute consult call for every athlete I onboard as a client to ensure that we’re a good match and we’re both in it to win it. As a Runwithalli®Coached athlete, you’re the captain, and I steer the ship!

How Do You Distribute Your Training Programs?

I use Google Drive for every athlete. You get your personalized private folder. This folder has sub-folders to save other training variables outside of your old and current weekly training programs. Additionally, your folder contains your annual maco-level roadmap, monthly goal-setting plans, race results, upcoming race schedule, pacing programs, cross-training pre-recorded videos, injury prevention pre-recorded videos, and mobility pre-recorded videos.

How Do I Get Started With Your Coaching Process?

Let’s get started now! Please set up your free, 30-minute consultation call using this link here! I will send you my coaching agreement and coaching questionnaire to your email after you sign up for a consult call for you to review before your call. After the call, if you decide you want to move forward, you can email me back the signed coaching documents! From there, we determine if remote coaching or in-person coaching makes the most sense for you. Next, we set a time to review: your annual goal roadmap your training goals. We select a start date to join the Runwithalli® Team during this call. You’ll have access to the Runwithalli® Virtual Facebook Community Group to share motivation and other encouraging running tips, as well as engage with the other athletes in the group! I will address questions asked in the group once a week every week. Last but not least, we schedule your bi-weekly 30-minute check-in calls. This way, we’re sure to assess your personalized programming and see if any adjustments are needed as we go!

A Non-Runner’s Testimonial

Eric Katz, Chief Wealth Management Officer at Leo Wealth, has lost 10lbs of body fat while gaining 12 lbs of lean muscle mass since working with Coach Alli. Eric can now move injury-free with proper movement patterns during his busy day-to-day life going from meeting to meeting in NYC or New Jersey. Before working out with Coach Alli, Eric couldn’t perform ONE lunge without hearing his knees crack. Eric has been working with Coach Alli for 2+ years. His long-term goal is to lose another 10 lbs so he can begin a beginner’s running routine! Enjoy listening to his testimonial to the left!