What To Know: 2023 United Airlines NYC Half Marathon

Many fantastic reasons exist to partake in the United Airlines NYC Half Marathon. It’s the perfect kick-off to the fall marathon training season; using this race as a fitness assessment to drive your marathon training is a great way to get motivated after the dull winter months here in NYC, with Spring quickly approaching and summer running well underway.

Reasons To Run!

Running through Brooklyn and Manhattan (my personal two favorite boroughs in NYC) is just an added PLUS, and the skyline view from the Manhattan Bridge is a picture in your head you will have for decades. The pro field is competitive in this race, and every field is competitive. If you’re searching for running your first half marathon with a diverse, fun, energetic group of individuals, this is your go-to half. And this is NOT an AD! This year will be the 16th in-person event of this specific half marathon. You can also count this as one of your nine qualifying races needed for (+1 program toward guaranteed entry to the NYC Marathon, Marathoners!! OR the 4 Out of 6 Program!

Bib Pickup Location & Logistics

You can choose the time you would like to pick up your bib for the race at the NYRR RUNCENTER in manhattan and select a pickup time in your NYRR Dashboard (under Registered Events)! Please be sure to bring your I.D. and race confirmation form, found under your dashboard in your NYRR account 🙂 Download the app right here to track your friends who are racing on Sunday so you can be race ready to run the town!

Start Of The Race & Corrals

The United Airlines NYC Half Marathon is taking place this Sunday, March 19th, and kicking off with a 7:20 am EST start for Wave 1. Please reference the screenshot below from our friends at NYRR with the timeline for the day of the race from arrival to starting the half marathon. This also includes the Corral Letters and the receptive start times of your corrals within your assigned Wave. For more information on where to locate this information, check out your dashboard under your NYRR account!

Start Timeline

Race Start Map

The green star in the below picture from NYRR is where the race begins, on Washington Avenue near the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. Runners will start here and then turn right onto Flatbush Avenue and almost perform an out and back for Miles 1 & 2 of the race. This is an excellent opportunity to give a friendly high five, wave, or both to your fellow runners racing! And spectators, of course.

Start Map

Race Course Map

After Mile 3, you turn into Prospect Park and head north on East Drive, exiting the park between Miles 3-4 to the right of Grand Army. From here, runners will continue for Mile 4 on Flatbush Avenue straight toward the Manhattan Bridge. Yes, bridge 🙂 From what I have been told and from the research I’ve done and past race participants I’ve spoken to about this last year, Mile 5 is a mile to save your energy. The hill will always win, so fine-tuning your pacing strategy to account for some lost time going up the ramp on the bridge and making up for any lost time going down the other side of the Manhattan bridge into Manhattan will be vital as you plan your pacing strategy for this race to net even the uphill and downhill. Hence, the pace is consistent with your other miles and pacing plan! Miles 5-7 is through Chinatown and the LES, significant parts of the city! Use the energy of the crowds. Turning right off of the bridge onto the infamous Canal street and then right onto Allen Street, left onto South Street, and right on the FDR Drive along the river is a bit of a roller coaster if you ask me, but a fun one 🙂 Keep the fun in the run! Miles 8-9 take you to the United Nations, where you get off the FDR Drive at 32nd Street.

Course Map w/ Elevation Chart

Race Finish Map

Mile 11 is the 42nd street climb (it’s pretty decent), and you pass Grand Central Terminal until you reach 7th Avenue (on the other side of Manhattan, where you just came from). Taking you into Mile 12 and Times Square, you turn into Central Park at West 59th Street. Head into the park (there will be signs everywhere) and run based on of feel at this point through the 72nd Street Transverse, taking a left and then a left onto West Drive, finishing between West 67th and 68th Streets! The crowds will be roaring, the volunteers will be guiding, and all will be perfect!

Finish Map

Mental Training Prep

Now is the time to trust your training people! If you have a list of mantras and affirmations, now’s the time to get them out to prepare for race day. When the going gets tough, especially on Mile 5-6 heading into the Manhattan Bridge or approaching Mile 11 towards the end of the race, mantras and affirmations can ignite that inner fire and self-belief to remind yourself that YOU CAN DO HARD THINGS because you’re doing it. Emotional energy is a THING. Do yourself a favor and focus on the run and the positives you have going for you. Remember your mantras!

Running Mantras & Affirmations

Below are several of mine!

?One step at a time!

?Stay in the mile you’re in.

?Nail your pace and nail your race.

?Focus on the good.

?Yes, I CAN!

?Keep on going!

?I am going to feel so freakin’ good at the end!

?Did I have enough pasta last night?

?I’m going to take my next gel now. I hope there are porta-potties, just in case I need to GO!

? Pace yourself.

?It’s a Marathon, not a sprint!

?I cannot wait to eat after this.

?The ice bath at the end is going to feel OH SO GOOD!

?Run slow to run faster.

?Quality over quantity.

?Remember your why.

?Run like you stole something.

?Control your breathing, control your mind, control your mind, control your body.

?One more mile, don’t forget to smile.

?I have power.

?I am a runner.

?A slow mile is still a mile.

?I can; I will, I must.

?Short-term death, long-term gains.

?You can do anything for another 20 minutes.

?Do now what others won’t; do later what others can’t.

?It’s okay. YOU’RE fine. Just slow down a bit.

?Be uncommon among common.

?Just keep swimming.

?Embrace the suck.

?Head down, eyes forward.

?If you’re not challenged, you won’t change.

?You’re not going to die; you’ll pass out before you die.

?The hard is what makes it great.

?I don’t have to do this. I get to do this.

Final Thoughts

Remember that the training is done as you toe the starting line on race day. You’ve worked SO HARD FOR THIS, and you are fierce and oh SO ready. I can’t wait to cheer you on at Mile 11 on the course!! I will have a megaphone so you won’t miss me, and I sure won’t miss you!

Have a blast. Smile when it hurts. Have a great race on Sunday. LFG!

A picture of me after crossing the finish line of my first half marathon way back when! FUN FACT: It was THIS race!

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