SweatHappy With Us!

Every Friday, Coach Sam & Coach Alli bring you an original, 45-minute full-body strength and conditioning class. Our class combines Sam’s and Alli’s specialties into one 45-minute metabolic conditioning community class to help you feel confident, challenged, and strong!

SweatHappy is a 45-minute circuit-style training class. Class begins with a dynamic warmup led by Coach Alli. We then get into the main portion of class using five stations: battle ropes, rowers, medicine balls, ladder drills, and dumbbells, followed by an abs & core finisher before the cool-down led by Coach Sam! Our class is the perfect complement to any strength training or running program.

All fitness levels are welcome to attend class. Modifications are provided for all exercises.

Toiletries are provided in the restrooms for you to freshen up afterward!

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