Strengthen Your Gluteus Medius Muscle

Many of us, especially those who sit for most of the day or prolonged periods, have a weak glute medius muscle. SAY WHAT? 

When this muscle is tight, this adds stress to the hip, the SI joint, the back, and the KNEE. So, if you’re running with knee pain, don’t rule out that it MIGHT not be stemming from your knee but rather from your glute medius!

Any running technique session will allow you to pinpoint if your glute medius might be the culprit of a niggle in your knee, hip, or hamstring. Don’t rule anything out! 

When we run, we are on one leg most of the time. This is why it’s crucial to train each side of our body separately and why we all need more single-legged exercises. When you have a glute medius that is stronger on the right side of your body, it overcompensates for the left side, causing that side to be overworked, which CAN eventually lead to an injury but isn’t the end all be all.

Better safe than sorry! Ask questions! Seek guidance from your DPT. Prehab NYC is an excellent go-to. Your running coach (??hi guys!), or any of your running friends. We ALL learn from each other, and that’s part of the beauty of the running and fitness community; SHARING IS CARING!

Speak up! And work on strengthening your glute medius! Use a foam roller against a wall, like shown here, to help you work on each side of your body. For 1-2 minutes 3x/week before or after your runs!

What’s your favorite go-to exercise lately?

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