Running Technique Explained

Today, I discuss the importance of how working on fine-tuning my running mechanics helped me snag a minute and 25-second PR in a 10K last Saturday running the NYRR Queens 10K. I went from a 39-minute 22-second 10K to a 38-minute 04-second 10K in under four months! 

I am not a superwoman. If I saw improvements by working on my running technique, you can too!

Improving your strength, flexibility, speed of movement, and running technique will enhance your running beyond words. 

It’s important to assess:

Why the run is effective

What the role is of each joint action

Which actions can be changed to make the technique more effective

How can specific efforts be made more powerful?

Should the technique be modified?

These questions will help you determine how to develop your running style to run far and fast to make your runs more effective.

Special strength exercises that mimic distance movements while you run are imperative to make you a stronger distance runner. 

By doing so, you will:

Remain injury-free.

Elevate your running performance.

Run longer distances for life.

When introduced into your distance running program, the Three exercises below will help you strengthen and gain flexibility in your running-specific muscles. These will also enhance your strength and endurance, increasing muscle fibers’ capacity to work longer at higher intensities while running. These exercises are vital for performing distance running

Short and sweet: the thigh drive or knee drive increases your stride length and helps position your body for a decisive pawback to give you a more powerful push-off from the ground while you’re running.

You can enhance the thigh drive, pawback motions, and running-specific muscles involved in these drills by performing the three videos listed below.

Perform 8-20 reps per leg for each Drill below once 4-6 hours after a run, twice a week!

Paw back Drill

Knee Drive Drill & Heel Raise Drill

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Until then, Happy Summer Running!

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