My Experience Running in the Boston Marathon for the First Time

I qualified for the Boston Marathon the first time I tried.

My First Boston Marathon Experience

My first Boston Marathon was in 2017 at age 27. I was toeing the start line for my fourth marathon ever, and I had no idea until three months prior that the Boston Marathon was the most competitive in the world. We live, we learn. Some might call it talent, and some might call it luck. Others might call it hard work and perseverance. I call it fighting for my purpose & running the crazy out of myself.

I’ve favored marathons over 5Ks or 10Ks always. There were a few half marathons before my first Marathon ever in 2015. FUN FACT! I get goosebumps every time I think about a marathon. 

Can you relate? 

The Starting Line

The runner’s village in Boston is remarkable. SO many different cultures, groups of people, just incredible. I remember wearing a t-shirt in memory of my grandfather, who sadly passed before this Marathon in 2017. The community of runners at the runner’s village was pure magic. Everyone was waiting to run the same thing, freaking out, yapping away, waiting for their corral to begin their marathon journey. Running is all anyone wants to talk about in the running community because of many fascinating things. To runners, that is. I’ve been fortunate enough to bring a virtual community of industry leaders and runners together on my podcast: RUNWITHALLI LIVE. Subscribe to the show if you haven’t already enjoyed a new episode with a new special guest every other week. We chat all things about running while keeping the conversations authentic, genuine, and honest! Here is another podcast on The Strength Running Podcast that explains what to do when running injuries arise and how to handle them. I can say I learned the hard way, and now it’s my turn to pay it forward to you with the wealth of knowledge from my credentials, coaches, and experience to keep you injury-free!

What was so special was seeing both of my parents at mile 17 right before ? hill by Commonwealth Avenue, where my grandparents lived and my mom grew up. Talk about sentimental. That moment helped me cruise up that hill faster than I knew I could! 

Nutrition & Marathon Training

Three hours 22 minutes, and 41 seconds was my first official BQ final time in 2017. In 2018, I suffered from a severe eating disorder which ultimately led to an injury that pulled me out of the 2018 Boston Marathon. I had body dysmorphia and dabbled with food WAY too often. I never liked my legs, hence the spandex in all four marathons you’ve seen so far (aside from 2019 when SnapBac sponsored me to rock the compression suit!). I ran, didn’t sleep enough, overtrained and under recovered, and thought gummies would suffice as FOOD. I learned the hard way through neglecting speedwork and structured, systematic training, too.

More to come in my first official BOOK coming to you this FALL!! Please put it on your radar! Love, your favorite distance running coach!

Better yet, during this time, my real journey as a coach and starting my career in the fitness/running world had just begun. I felt free, frightened, and ecstatic, all at the same time. 

Have you ever thought about changing careers to do what fuels your passion?

Staying consistent, saying affirmations aloud, such as “yes I can,” and holding yourself accountable will make your running journey an ongoing exhilarating, exciting adventure filled with new friends, new successes, and new life lessons, both the good and the bad.

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Thoughts? Do you air on the side of caution, or are you a spontaneous adventurer? I’m always here for a listen. Also, for those of you who always LOVE to learn, this article might resonate well with you too!

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Until next time! 

Coach Alli

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