Improve Your Running Form + Become a Faster Runner With These 3 Stride Workouts

Here’s what the pros don’t tell you about what helps them get faster

Do you feel like time is a bit of a constraint, but you need to let all of that stress go?

Are you struggling to find adequate time to do it?

Finding ways to reimplement your hobbies is yet another change that we face. Regardless of what we’re going through in our lives, getting back into anything takes consistency and determination.

I love running because it keeps me sane. After speaking to one of my runners yesterday, we both concluded that running truly keeps us on track. Thank God for that!

I find that when my running’s on, I’m on in other areas of my life. Running for me translates into other avenues that straighten themselves out when my running is on track. I know I’m not alone on that.

Running short intervals or strides is a great way to fit in an efficient and effective running workout to boost your fitness, get your daily movement, and get a quick HIIT session in without killing too much time during your busy workday. Some days, I know I cannot afford to take more than 45 minutes “off.” Thankful for the 10-minute workouts that are efficient, effective and help me gain the fitness I need and get the job DONE.

Furthermore, running strides allows me to run the stress OUT. They improve my speed, strength, and endurance. They can do the same for you too!

Why Do I Need To Know About Strides?

Strides are short 15-30 second speed bouts that allow you to work on your running form, steps per minute (cadence), your endurance, and your power output. Ultimately, including strides in your run training program for any distance event will help you run FURTHER, FASTER!

Strides help your form, they can speed up muscle recovery, they prime your fast-twitch muscle fibers, so you’re able to run faster and injury-free, and they help you get faster for your long-distance running events!

3 Types of Go-To Stride Workouts

  1. Mind/Muscle Workout. This workout helps you connect your mind and body. Neuromuscular fitness allows you to teach yourself how to move your feet quicker while spending less time on the ground. Strides help you as a distance runner fire off your fast-twitch muscle fibers faster since you already have your slow-twitch fibers working vigorously in your favor! Mind/Muscle workouts help you run faster. Over time, these workouts allow you to cross the finish line or finish that next workout stronger than you started it! I’d recommend performing strides in your Marathon training program either mid-easy-run or after a long, easy run to help boost your muscles’ recovery and build more endurance! These speedy bouts take 10-minutes or so to complete either before or at the end of your workday. They’re even great to do at lunch if you have that kind of flexibility!
  2. Strides After a Conversational Aerobic Run Workout. This is a great way to build endurance and regain focus on your running form. Also, this is a FAT BURNER workout if you’re trying to lose some extra pounds in time for summer. Runner’s abs are a THING!
  3. Dynamic Warmup Strides Workout. My coach reassures me that I should be sweating after performing strides, especially warming up for a track workout session or a race. Strides alone give me an efficient workout! Coaching tip: If you’re training for performance, strides are an excellent way to prime your muscles before any track workout or before any race! A speedy race or workout session is a great way to set you up for a fast, longer race without getting injured! You’ll learn to love them in no time. Patience is a virtue! 

For all three workouts listed above, perform each using the following: 10 x 20-second strides with 60-90 seconds of recovery walking or jogging between all ten strides. Welcome to your new time-friendly running training that will help you stress less in under 30-minutes or less! These workouts will help you focus on your body’s mechanics, footstrike, cadence, and running form. Remember to naturally let the speed come out by letting your engine rev up, almost like a car! Naturally, pick up that foot speed throughout the 15-30 second strides! You got this.

Strides are a great way to tone your body for your bikini season shape or train your body for performance! Kill two birds with one stone! Strides changed my game.

Interested to see how strides can transform your running too? Let’s chat! Email me right here!

Until next time!

Coach Alli

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