The Cold-Weather Running Gear You Need This Winter

I do most of my training outdoors. Pretty much all of it. It is refreshing for my brain to escape the day’s chaos with just me, the road, and the road. Since I live in Brooklyn, it’s usually the urban concrete jungle.

Throughout my various wintery runs, I’ve experimented with different clothing and gear through the rain and snow, tested using other brands and extra clothing, and found my staples by doing so! It’s hard to see what works well for you, especially when it comes time to layer up but also dress appropriately, so your runs become uncomfortable.

I recommend dressing for an outdoor run, pretending it is 15 degrees warmer outside. I do my dynamic warm-up drills indoors before my runs to get out of the door warm as possible, so I can quickly warm up within the first mile of my run. I typically do my runs heading out of my front door in the winter, but if I do travel, I still do my dynamic warm-ups at home and bring an extra jacket to bring with me on the Subway if I’m going to meet a friend in Central Park to tie it around my waist. For a track workout, I layer up and prepare to throw one of my tops into the middle of the field inside of the track.

That said, a blog post listing my favorite running fear to wear in the rain and the cold would be helpful for you, regardless of the conditions outside. Although the picture above features me in shorts, I have my Pro Compression Knee High Socks to keep me warm and keep my circulation throughout my calves to my ankles and feet. This is a go-to outfit choice of mine for more challenging tempo workouts or when I hit the track! These are my favorite Soothfeel go-to shorts because they have a zipper and are high quality and bang for your buck. I have ten pairs. Running is expensive, and we need a LOT, so it’s important to mix up a few nicer staples with less costly ones that are just as high-quality! Minus the name brand 🙂

I have bad circulation in my toes and my hands, SO this might not apply to you, but I love HotHands Toe Warmers on top of my sneakers, and HotHands Hand Warmers in my gloves on all of my cold weather runs. Regardless of the temps or how cold it gets, these will keep you warm and remove your thoughts from the cold outside air! Also, go for a run unless the weather channel says to stay indoors due to dangerously cold conditions or weathered rainy conditions outdoors! You can always strip the layers and stop at home or in your car. 

The Right Gear Can Make Or Break Your Run!

The picture below shows me all geared up to hit the road for a cold-weather run! Here is my list of staples for cold weather running (although not all of these things are featured here); I’ll explain the benefit of each later on! I can only include a little Men’s gear. Still, I can include one or two staples that I’ve recommended to athletes that I’ve coached and that I currently coach, but again, I don’t wear Men’s gear 🙂 These staples are suggestions for what’s worked for others and might not necessarily work for you. Nothing you don’t already know! If you have questions about this gear, feel free to message me here! I’m only a click away!

What To Wear Outdoors While Running In The Winter

Dress like it is 15 degrees warmer outside. I like to wear:

A hat (C.C. Women’s Beanie)


Head warmer

Women’s Run For It All Reflective Gloves Tech (they’re water-repellent w/ fleece fabric!)

HotHands Hand Warmers

HotHands Toe Warmers

Rabbit Cold Front Long Sleeve Top

I’m a huge fan of Tracksmith’s Long Sleeve Apparel for a top, and their running tights, too! Check them out here!

BALEAF Women’s Fleece Thermal Mock Neck Long Sleeve Running Shirt (I wear three layers typically!); super comfy and warm

BALEAF Fleece Lined Water Resistance Legging (I have five pairs, they’re a bang for your buck and such GREAT quality!)

Down For It All Jacket (water-resistance, PrimaLoft® insulation for warmth, breathable tech fleece fabric, AND it’s windproof!); I wear this for temps below 15 degrees (and if it’s not a workout on the track!). This jacket has lasted me for 3+ years. Yes, it’s worth it!

My sunglasses, especially in the snow

Turtle Fur Fleece Heavyweight Neck Warmer (for all cold weather temps)

Pro Compression Knee High Socks (I love compression to help blood circulation in the cold, avoid muscle spasms, and prevent blisters from eliminating friction between your sock and foot/shoe while running in wet weathered conditions! I am also a huge fan of Balega Blister Resist Performance Quarter Athletic Running Socks to alternate between socks for different runs (these are also great for preventing blisters, for me! I do wrap my toes with masking tape sometimes if socks don’t do justice with preventing blisters on my feet. YES! Masking tape!)

I like the New Balance® 460 v3 Women’s Running Shoes for winter running, especially in cold, wet conditions. Even in the rain! I kind of just face the fact that my shoes are going to be wet while running in the snow or in the rain, so I do my best to use the trainers that are the most worn down since I know regardless, they’re going to get dirty after the run! The nature of being a distance runner. Can you relate?!!

My reflective rain jacket (when it’s raining), or windy! I also love this one I just got from REI! It’s waterproof, breathable, and fits nicely over my thermal long-sleeved-running tops when I’m all layered up!

BALEAF Men’s Fleece Running Tights

Tracksmith Harrier Long Sleeve Top

What To Wear While Running In The Cold Winter Rain

I mentioned the top gear to purchase while running in the cold winter rain. The only thing I would ensure that you have is a rainjacket and shoes that have traction for the road. The pair I shared above is a great go-to. Any trail running shoes (these are my favorite, even though I run on the concrete for the most part) are excellent to avoid slipping and potentially injuring yourself. I’d also recommend a PonyFlo Performance Cap, which has a place for your ponytail! It’s lightweight and a great option to wear over your ear warmers (link shared above in this post) for any rainy, cold run!

Winter Running Fuel On-The-Go

Oddly, I shiver and lose energy quickly! UCAN Edge Energy is something I take with me on every run, regardless of the distance. After my runs, Core Power is my go-to energy drink and nutrition source! Within 30-60 minutes after any run, liquid nutrients get absorbed by our bodies quicker than solid foods. Core Power is a staple in my post-running routine on my winter runs, especially when I don; ‘t realize how much I’m losing in the cold (versus the humid summer heat!). Repairing all of the wear and tear after any run with nutrition to give your body back what is lost is the key to optimal performance and quicker recovery between runs and workouts! Try Core Power using this link here and receive 20% off select Core Power products, unlimited # of cases in 1 order only! Use my code ‘20RUNWA‘, valid until 12/31/22!

I hope you find some of your favorite running staples for cold weather running in the snow, rain, or sleet from this post! And find more motivation to hit the road and run during these colder winter months ahead!

What are your favorite go-to winter running staples? Do you have a favorite winter running item? Go-to clothing recommendation? Please SHARE it below this post in the comments section! Sharing is CARING! And we all have a little more to be grateful for, given Thanksgiving is two days away! Time to hit up some Black Friday Sales and treat yourself to fun, new cold, weather running gear while the sales are HOT! Happy Winter RUNNING! 

Remember TO keep your runs FUN! Regardless of the temps or weathered conditions you’re facing. You GET to run. Remember it!

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