Dynamic Stretching Warm Up Routine

The main goal of my specialized flexibility and strength program is to a) improve your ability to execute the key joint actions to running efficiently and b) to maintain good running posture, mechanics, and form.

Maximize Your Running Performance

Why? Doing this maximizes your running distance, running speed, and running economy. The activation and dynamic warmup drills presented in my program will improve your run in a shorter period than if you doubled your running time. You will be able to perform the key elements that happen in your running stride!

Activation drills before your runs, like the ones shown in this reels video, give you the range of motion (mobility) and flexibility to ensure you get a full range of your limbs needed for running. These will also help you to stabilize your joints as you begin to consistently incorporate them into your running training routine around your runs, especially joints that need more strength to prevent injuries.

When To Perform These Drills

These drills improve neuromuscular coordination (mind-muscle connection). Coaching tip: videotape yourself performing these drills once a week while starting this routine, so you can pinpoint if you’re using one side more versus the other in each movement and work to correct those imbalances! You can do these drills before your runs without a band to focus on mobility and muscle activation or with a band for strength 4 hours after your runs to elicit the strength benefits!

My Strength-Training for Runner’s Apparatus will help you build a strong runner’s body so you can run a faster marathon injury-free without stopping! I guide you through proper running mechanics that work best for you and your running and which strength-specific running exercises work best to complement your running training!

Curious about learning more about how this could help you run a faster marathon?

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