7 Surefire Ways To Run A Half Marathon Faster Than You Ever Dreamed Possible

Do you spend all your time running different types of workouts while trying to run a first half marathon?

Running faster while staying injury-free trends have gotten really out of control lately. It’s time to go back to the basics. To run a first half marathon, you only have to focus on two things.

  • Time blocking your workout times to avoid overtraining.
  • Creating a structured, personalized program to help you achieve your running goals. Do that, and you’re good to go!

It’s essential to follow a training plan that meets you where you’re at. Doing this will allow you to develop a good aerobic base and build on that to prepare for an endurance event like a half marathon.

Seven training tips to help you prepare for your first half marathon injury-free:

  • Plan your race and work backward. This way, you understand how much time you want to prepare for a half marathon without rushing the process. Keep the process fun by making a realistic and attainable goal that sets you up for success. My first half marathon goal was to run the half marathon miles and finish! For the first time anything, finishing is a great goal to have. Furthermore, goals keep you driven and on track up to race day!
  • Customize your training plan to allow you to achieve your goals. Whether you run with a running group or not, be sure that you include the proper workouts for YOU and recovery as needed to keep you running injury-free! If you need to sway away from the pack, do it. You know your body best! Don’t forget to include running mantras!
  • Bake in time for balance. Life happens. As I tell my runners, I currently coach: “keep moving forward and control the controllable” Life happens. There’s nothing we can do about it but move forward!
  • If you’re not getting 8 hours of sleep most nights, plan for it. Sleep is crucial for your running performance and for preventing injuries. Whatever you have to do, make time for rest. You are nothing without it!
  • Immerse yourself within the running community! Ask other runners about half marathon races! This way, you can get an idea of what to expect and learn things to apply to your race, such as fueling strategies, race day tips, and so forth from other runners! Sharing is caring!
  • Fuel the way you would fuel during your race 1-2 months out from training. This way, you most likely will avoid any stomach issues during your half marathon and be able to fuel with gel supplements throughout the entire 13.1-mile race! Friendly coaching tip: carbs allow you to run faster. I ate a gel before starting my most recent marathon in October 2021 and felt fueled as fueled gets throughout the entire race! Replace your glycogen stores with a gel supplement all race LONG! Thank me later for it!


What half marathon are you thinking of signing up for? Do you have tips for the first-time half marathon runners to share?

Please leave your comments, suggestions, and questions in the comments.

Thank you for joining my community here. Have a safe and fun training cycle!

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