15 Minute Warm-Up Routine for Runners

To run farther and faster, it’s essential to get in the habit of warming up properly and including dynamic stretching in your warm-up routine.

Dynamic Stretching

What is Dynamic Stretching? When should we perform dynamic stretches? 

Dynamic Stretching is simply moving multiple joints and muscles to get the body moving and the blood flowing. These help runners avoid certain injuries and they help improve performance during those training runs. You’ll definitely see these movements in any Marathon Training Plan (if not most!). Perform dynamic stretches before setting out for that long run to avoid injuries and enhance those running mechanics. We all want to look perfect while we run while also running our strongest and fastest, don’t we?!

Dynamic Stretching Routine

Five Dynamic Stretches are shown in this video tutorial.

Please perform these drills shown twice a day for 10 minutes before and after your runs!

1. World’s Greatest Stretch

2. Dynamic Hamstring Stretch

3. 90/90 Drill

4. Dynamic Plank Drill (Loosens up your lower back)

5. Shoulder Mobility & Upper Body Dynamic Drills

4 Benefits of Dynamic Stretching

  1. Make it easy to build up stamina without getting injured, even starting from scratch.
  2. Make it a breeze to run a faster marathon while staying healthy, no matter your previous experience.
  3. STOP worrying about how to create the “never quit” mindset once and for all.
  4. Unlock the secrets to finally feel in control of your ability to run faster and farther, quicker, and easier than you ever dreamed possible.


Follow along with these foam rolling and running warm-up drills to promote faster recovery from your running workout and help prevent running injuries. This warm-up routine for runners is essential whether you’re training for your first marathon, a sub-4 marathon, or any other type of run!

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